Overpriced charging mount for Urban Rider?

May 30, 2011
The charging mount is ?44.99 on the TomTom site but there is no "Buy now" icon as there is for the non-charging version. the cheapest it appears to be on other sites, e.g. Amazon UK, is a whopping ?79.99! One site even had it over ?100. Sites where is appeared to be cheaper showed they were out of stock. Is there a general shortage of these coumts that is hiking up the prices? It is bad enough having to pay another ?45 for something that should have come in the original pack but ?79???? :confused:


I think TT really dropped the ball when they came up with the Urban Rider series. The absense of an included charging dock for the bike was a major blunder in my opinion. Did TT really think that riders want to find somewhere to recharge their Rider every few hours???

At any rate, they dont even sell the Urban series over here in North America, so I suspect we wont ever see a TT motorcycle device again.

Too bad really, my Rider2 has performed very well for me.


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