Updating Maps on Memory Card TomTom 730

Jun 24, 2009

I'm new to the forum and was wondering if any one could help me as no one has replied to me from TomTom Support.

I have a TomTom Go 930 which works great, this came with the Eurpean Maps etc which is about 1.5 gb. I purchased a 2gb memory card so I could put some more maps on USA Western Region. I manage to install this no problem however updating the map is the problem.

When I attached my TomTom to my pc the home software suite launchs and asks me to connect. I get two opens one for the device memory and one for the memory card. When I select the device it checks for updates and tells me the the USA map needs updating, I can't update it as there is not enough memory on the device hence me buying a memory card and installing the map on that. So I unplug and connect to the memmory card and perform the update and the USA map doesn't come up in the updates.

The maps seems to be installed correctly as I can switch to it through the settings.

In a nut shell I just want to update the USA map on my memory card.

Any help or pointers would be great.

Thanks in advance.

1. If you have a 930, it should have come with BOTH your European map AND a NA map.
2. If that is the case, why would you want to get a US regional map? It will contain no better data than the NA map you should already have?
Okay, I took care of the title change and moved the thread to the appropriate forum.

Anyway, here's my suggestion....(I assume you wanted the Western Regional US map because it was cheaper than the whole NA map)

Is your card a sd or sdhc card? I would have suggested a 4-gig sdhc card for your unit.

That being said, you should be able to insert the card into the unit. Connect the unit to the computer. Start Home. Select EXTERNAL. (since you said you DID put the US map on the card initially) and then select Update my unit.

IF....you did somehow install the US map on internal (use Explorer to look at the contents of your unit. Do you see TWO specific map folders? If you see the US map folder on INTERNAL, then use Explorer to copy it to the card and then carry on from there (after deleting the map folder from internal. BUT make sure it IS on the card prior to deleting from the internal.

Another option...............

Assuming the US map was legitimately bought from TomTom, it will be on your computer. Use Home to see contents on the computer. It will show the US map. You can then reinstall on the card if necessary.

I still think you should have a 4 gig sdhc card but that's another story.

I've attached a word document which should hopefully show whats happening. The West Region Map does not appear in my updates for my memory card. Oh and the memory card is 2gb.

Thanks for you help

I've had to put the word doc in to a zip as its bigger than then limit.


  • Contents of memory card.zip
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Okay, I see what you are saying ...........

First what are the contents of the folder called 'maps' on internal?

1. Make a complete Explorer backup of INTERNAL to a folder on the pc. Ensure hidden files/folders are showing.
2. Make a complete Explorer backup of the sd card contents to a second folder.
3. Use Explorer to copy the Loquendo folder from internal to the sd card.
4. Now DELETE the Loquendo from internal.
5. Repeat steps 3 & 4 for the asr folder.
(do you have stuff in your mp3 folder & photos folder? If so, repeat 3 & 4 for them)

Now, see if a) Home still wants to put your US map on internal and, if so b) is there now room to install?

If so, once installed, copy the US map folder from internal to the sd card, overwriting the contents of the US map folder there.

Now, once you are sure the updated US map resides on the sd card (check the file with an extension of .pna in the US map folder on your sd card. It's a text file and the 3rd or 4th line should show the map version) delete the folder from internal.

Next, copy back the folders you placed on the sd card. Ensure they are on internal and then delete the folders from the sd card.

If everything seems ok, then make another backup of internal to a new folder using Explorer and another backup of the sd card to a new folder.
Well, try the steps I suggested in the previous post. It appears that when you installed the US map the first time, it did not install correctly.
Thanks, I've done that and everything seems ok. Will I have to do that everytime i need to update the USA map?

I guess away to check if its installed ok is by going to change maps and it appears in the list?

Is there awa to double check everything is ok? I don't want to get to the USA and find its not working.

I really appreciate your help and the time you've taken to answer my post.

If it does indeed 'see' the US map and let you select it, things should be ok.

Report back.........
Thanks, yep it appears in the list and I can select it. Guess it won' show anything because I'm not in the usa,

Do you think I'll have to follow that process again to update it?

Thanks again

I hope not. Make those Explorer backups, though.

You can still try out the USA map now, though. Select the US map.

Under Plan a Route, plan a route from say, Los Angeles to Las Vegas :)

I can plan that, but when I click on done it says no usable gps points, i can also browse the map.

Would it be because I'm not in the usa it can plot it?

I can plot a route from krasn gora slovenia to Salzburg austria and I live in the UK I can see it saying Plainning route and a progress bar analyzing route

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