Problem with maps after updating software

Jul 17, 2013
TomTom Model(s)
GO 950
I have a TomTom 950. I have just installed Home 2 on this computer and updated the TomTom software. I did a backup (which was offered) and updated the software. I also updated the camera spots for the USA and the two danger updates in France (offered for free). I finished and disconnected correctly. Now I get the message
Problem with map
You cannot use this map on this device: Australia-136 (and similar messages if I select any of the other maps).
I tried restoring from the backup but still get the same error messages. What can I do to restore my now useless TomTom?
Try a drum reset on the unit by holding the power button about 20 seconds till you hear the drum sounds unless your model has a dedicated reset hole

Also, let me ask.........

Where did you get the 950 unit? From a legitimate seller or from a location like ebay?
I already tried a drum roll reset - no difference.
Are you suggesting buying on eBay is not legitimate? I did buy new on eBay about 3 years ago. It has worked well until now, when I tried to update. I think it originated in an East European country, I can't remember which, and I am away for home at the moment so can't check which.

Even if this is different surely a restore from backup would have put things back the way they were?
Many devices on ebay are hacked with software and illegitimate maps to make them work.

When the user finally does update the application, the new proper application recognizes that all the maps are hacked and simply won't run them.

For some reason, many Aussies get stuck with these problematic devices from ebay.

I'm just saying...........
Arno - I did a Home backup, not an Explorer backup.

dhn - It certainly looked like original packaging which had not been interfered with (The device was claimed to be brand new). The maps I have used (UK, Europe and Australia) certainly seemed to be TomTom maps and were certainly good in terms of their functions.

AndyP - What is clearflash? What will it achieve? How is it done?
See the link in point 4 of Andy's link 'here' in post 5 above.

Did the 950 in OZ advertise itself as coming with all those maps or did they suddenly appear on the device from ebay?

Anyway, you can try the Clear Flash tool in the link. It may help but won't hurt. You don't lose any settings.
Clearflash and all of the other suggested procedures had no effect.

The 950 was advertised and came with maps for UK, Europe, US/Canada, NZ and Australia.
The 950 was advertised and came with maps for UK, Europe, US/Canada, NZ and Australia.

That doesn't sound quite right to me.... The GO950 sold in Europe only came with Europe and US maps, it was never a "world" unit.

Can any other Australian owners say if that is the official list of maps that should be on an Australian GO950?

Please check the first 2 characters of your serial number as this will help us to understand what unit you have.

Those beginning with W1 or W5 are 4GB units, and would indeed have maps other than Australia included. Those beginning with W4 or W7 are only 2GB units, and really nothing more than a 750 model, and would not manage both Australia and either a NAM or European map in addition to that.
canderson and Andy_P: The serial number starts with W5, i.e., a 4GB unit. It definitely had maps for GB Europe, NA, Australia and NZ - I have used all, and bought it for these. It was advertised here (e.g., Dick Smith) with all of these maps.

dhn: Thank you for that, I do not know where you obtained that number as I searched for it in vain.

Anyway, I called the TomTom support rep and discussed the matter with him. As I can no longer find evidence of my purchase (and it appears that they did not supply eBay sellers directly), he was not allowed to supply replacement maps. All the signs are that it was a "doctored" unit (even though the packaging looked genuinely new). My original impression was that it was bought in an east European country (Czechoslovakia, I think, although I cannot find the original manual - I may have thrown it out), and was cheaper because of that (many electronic devices have their Australian price heavily loaded).

I decided to cut my losses and have bought the latest maps ($217), although it would have probably been smarter to get the Australian one and order the rest when I needed them (although I would probably not have got the substantial discount I received). I have also bought an SDHD card, as the maps have now grown to the extent that they will not all fit in the internal memory.

Thanks to everyone who tried to help. I now have usable maps for all of these regions and have been assured that I should have no further problems.

If anyone is interested, all maps are heavily discounted until the end of this month. These are up to date to May this year and are being replaced by later ones in August.

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