Newbie really needs help in updating maps for GO720

Aug 17, 2014
TomTom Model(s)
Hi, I want to know how I can update maps for the Go720. I tried to install the TOMTOM client but an error didn't let me connect my device to the computer. Because of this I couldn't find the latest maps.

How can I find the latest map updates for the Go720? Is there any website? Someone gave this GPS to me as they thought I could find new maps. I can't and I don't want to let them down. Thanks guys.
Indeed, you do need to load Home2. Get it at

Install it and connect the device. You'll need to register the 720 to yourself with an email address/password.

Also, be aware that the latest map is 930 and 935 is due any day now. So, once Home is installed and the device is properly registered to you, you might want to 'Update my Device' and install any application updates but not try for a newer map at this time.
...but an error didn't let me connect my device to the computer.
This seems to be part of the problem. Can you elaborate on this? The 720 should look like an external drive to your PC (like a thumb drive) and you should even be able to view it just as you would any other storage device. Can you?

We also need to know, since this isn't your unit, whether they have already, at some point in the past, registered it with an email address and serial number. If they have, you'll need to use THAT email/PW pair to purchase the new map.

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