TT7 is SO slow that it's useless! What can I do?

Aug 14, 2008
I have a MIO168 on which I have been using (testing) different GPS softwares. The one I liked best was TT6 so I decided to go for that one.

It has been working fine for a year or so until now, but suddenly TT6 hanged, lost contact with the GPS-receiver etc. First I thought it was a HW-error but the MIO-Map that came with the unit worked fine so I reinstalled the TT6 from scratch, tried another SD-card etc with no success and everything I did looked like a dead end.

Anyhow; when I saw that TT7 was availible for PDA's I quickly downloaded and installed it. No hazzle. Everything worked. But...the update of the map is SO slow while driving that I actually will pass exits etc before it's updating the screen. And that makes the GPS rather useless. This was not the case with TT6. The version is 7.45 and the map is v720.1803.

Is there a fix for this? I have to mention that TT7 is not legally bought (yet) and someone had a theory that TT7 is not, and will not be avaible for PDA's; it will only be boundled with those that have enough preformance - which the MIO168 apperently not have.

So: what can I do? All suggestions (that is free :rolleyes: ) are appreciated.
I ran into this sometimes with TT6. Try turning off all points of interest. Also, try birds-eye if you're using map view. Does TT7 have an option to decrease map detail?
Thanks for the tip. Bird-eye is default for me and I have not find any option to change the level of details.
I had hundreds of POI's downloaded from different locations for gasstations, McDonlads and stuff like that. Now I have downloaded and tested a smaller map - just Scandinavia, I started with Western Europe and have only added speed cameras as exter POI's. I'll try tomorrow if it works but it looks like I have a much faster respons for updating the screen just by walking around in my garden. :)

make sure you have POI's set to "Warn when near" and not selected all the time.

i Have it running on a 200Mz device very well..
I don't have many POI's at all and the only ones I have marked "Warn when near" are the speedcameras.
Good try, though.
More suggestions? :eek:

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