Help with pairing TT720 to Jawbone bluetooth

Jun 27, 2010
Newport News VA
TomTom Model(s)
GO 720
First off this is my first post to this forum and I'm sure it won't be my last considering how much of a techno-dummy I am. I won a Jawbone Icon bluetooth earpiece that I would like to pair with my 720. I can get the gps to recognize the earpiece but it ask for a pin # and the 0000 won't work to finish the pairing. Does anyone have any ideas on how to make these two work together so I can use the earpiece and GPS on my motorcycle. TIA for any ideas.
I want to say that the earpiece must be A2DP compatible, that is a stereo device. I've not heard of anyone successfully coupling a 'standard' bluetooth headset to a TomTom. Most of the conversations I've seen take place involve either the TomTom Rider models or the iPhone TomTom appllication. In both of those specfic cases, it would appear that the headset must be A2DP in order for it to work. You might call TomTom support to confirm but you may be out of luck as far as the Jawbone is concerned.
Indeed the Bluetooth Audio output is only via A2DP which the Jaw Bone won't support, its a decent headset but no use for pairing with a TomTom - Mike
The Jawbone Icon can be successfully converted to A2DP via the Aliph website. make sure you convert your speaker output to Bluetooth also. You lose the ability to pair multiple devices via the Icon however. And you cannot route your phone via bluetooth through the TomTom and to your headset.

I have gotten this to work and I plan to use it as I occasionally work PT as a chauffeur.
Me Too !!

I also wished to pair my Icon with my GO 740. There is NO phone involved. Took the advice here and updated Jawbone to A2DP then attempted to pair. GO 740 could see the device but refused to recognize it. Me thinks it only wants to pair with phones, not directly with headset.

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