can anyone help ??? - TT7 on Binatone

Aug 6, 2012
united kingdom
people have said u can put tom tom 7 onto a binatone A430 to improve maps etc ?? is this true or is it risky ???
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TomTom's applications are proprietory and are not meant to work on other brands of gps.
hi ive been told that tom tom 7 uses the same[ tele maps] as on the binatone A430. and should be compatable on both sat navs. or do u know of any more info , thanks....
It's one thing for a company to provide maps to more than one gps company, it's quite another to provide an application to interpret the maps. To do so would require hacking the software if possible at all and such discussion is not appropriate here.
I've seen several of these Chinese companies claim to use all kinds of maps, including TomTom, but ain't gonna happen. The reason they do this is because they don't actually have maps available for sale from their own company!

Go ahead and call them about maps. "Please contact the Binatone Helpline for details of how to purchase additional maps for your sat nav:" ( +44 (0)20 8955 2700)

Better than even odds that what you will discover is that they will promise you that half a dozen different brands' maps will work... which won't be true, of course, and then point you at some 3rd party map site. We've also seen this same thing before with in-dash units from China.

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