Can anyone recommend a place to get my TOMTOM repaired?

Oct 18, 2011
Dear all,

My tomtom screen has cracked and is now unresponsive to the touch.

Can anyone recommend a place to get it repaired please?
I am in Yorkshire.


You don't say which TT you own, but honestly -- since you have to replace the entire touch screen, not just the digitizer, the job is < 10 minute project to complete once you get the case open. Please advise your model and we can help you with opening the case and finding the right LCD/digitizer screen for your unit.
thank you for all your help.

I have decided to repair it myself after viewing a youtube video.
I have upgraded computers so am used to fiddly jobs.

My TomTom is the XL V2 IQ routes edition which is no longer produced.
I need to replace the digitzer and screen.
Do I need a Torx screwdriver to open the case and if so which size?


Have never cracked an XL V2, but it will either be a Torx or very small Philips screw. I honesty don't recall the exact Torx size -- seems about a 5. If buying a single driver, take the unit along with you and fit it before buying.

Word of caution -- when raising the little latch for the flex cable, do NOT try to bring it up high. It takes only a very small amount of rotation of the latch to release it, and it's easy to break if you try to force it further than necessary!
thank you for that tidbit of advice.
this is my first time repairing a tomtom, although I have upgraded computers.

is there a definitive guide on how to replace the tomtom xl screen?
I have seen one or two youtube videos which helped.

Funnily enough the screen cracked as I drove over a bumpy road, nothing
to do with dropping it or smashing it or anything.
Bad bit of luck, that. Truth to tell, on any of these TomTom units, there's nothing to replacing the screen once the unit is opened up, and they're all just a bit different in that regard. Based upon the age of an XL2, I'd guess that there will be two screws rear side up towards the top? Is that the design? If so, removing those and pushing something through where the screws were sitting normally pushes the screen and bezel out from the main case at the top. I used a bamboo skewer or toothpick last time I went that route.

Once open, the guts are readily exposed, in particular, the flex cable that is holding the two major bits together. Releasing the latch on the flex cable connector on the main board (again, very little lift required) allows sliding out the flex cable. Slide in new flex cable from new screen, and reverse course to complete the project. Compared to battery replacement, it's much easier, but IF you spot a battery replacement tutorial out there for your unit, it will show case disassembly.
People that sell the battery replacements for my 930 on eBay include a Torx screw driver.
I ended up buying a battery from Hong Kong (eBay), bought a 30+ pieces set of good quality screw drivers and was ahead of the game by five bucks.
Use Google for searching.
Hello, Thank you for your message.

Do you happen to know what type of screwdriver I need to get to remove the screws on the TomTom XL IQ 2 please?

I suspect it may be torx.


Remove the screws. With a thin blade, get under the bezel area at the bottom and begin to separate screen from case. There are 'hooks' at the top that hold the screen/case together, and you'll release those as soon as the bottom is out far enough.
I believe your 930 has the screws in the back vs. bottom - definitely different case design. But they could be the same size screws.
hello all,

just to update you.
I have now successfully replaced the screen in my tomtom XL. I had to order the Torx screwdrivers and screen part, but it is all fully working now. Many thanks for all your help. I did have one or two niggly problems which may help other people.
My replacement screen did not have the small foam backing which my original tomtom screen had, consequently when the replacement screen was fitted it tended to move about somewhat in the casing, so I just put the foam backing from my original screen onto the new one. Also when putting the front casing on after the new screen is fitted I found the unit had to be level on a surface with the screen facing up and that it was best to put the casing back starting from the bottom and work your way up. I tried it any old how at first and found that some icons did not respond correctly when the casing was back on.. But they did work when I put the casing back on from the bottom to the top.

Once again many thanks for all your help. It was my first time doing anything like this and am thrilled about the money I saved had I taken it to a repair place. It is very simple to do if anyone else is thinking of replacing their own screen.
Well done, David!

I have yet to see a TomTom where full screen replacement wasn't fairly straightforward, and it's a shame more folks don't give it a go rather than fretting over having a 3rd party shop do it. More the shame that TomTom has no real repair support!
People that sell the battery replacements for my 930 on eBay include a Torx screw driver.
I ended up buying a battery from Hong Kong (eBay), bought a 30+ pieces set of good quality screw drivers and was ahead of the game by five bucks.
Use Google for searching.

What the minimum and the name of tools do I need to buy to open Tom Tom 930 to replace battery ? Torx screw driver ? I don't need to buy 30 pieces, just the one that works for Tom Tom 930. What size I need ? And What tool I need to pry open the Tom Tom 930 case ?
So e-bay is good and cheap place to buy battery and tools for it ?
Watch this video:

You can order the full kit from them or get the battery from a Canadian company:

They also sell the required tools.

(I think I told you all this in another thread.......)

Anyway, there it is.

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