TT says rotary when it doesn't exist

Jan 22, 2012
I have TomTom EASE. I found out that for some odd reason, TT is saying many intersection is a "rotary" when it's just a plain-old perpendicular intersecion of two streets.

so for a normal left turn, it says "go on rotary make 3rd exist". Confusing as heck...

how do I remove all these references to rotaries when they don't exist? only way I found so far is to turn off computer voice and do something that is less helpful (non-computer voice with very minimal instructions).



You'll need to give us some specific intersections so that we can look at them. They must be recorded as 'rotaries' in the map data, and that 's where the corrections will need to be requested. Also, please let us know your map version.
The street is Hillside drive in Burlingame, CA. There is zero rotaries along this entire road. Map version is 9.057 one rotary that i know was around Balboa and Hillside.

my 7-year old son said he can "correct" this and did something to the GPS. not sure what he did but it no longer says rotary... and can't find any reference to the rotary on the map now.. if I connect to Tomtom home would the correction be transmitted, or do I need to do something very specific? is there a way to see what was "corrected" on the map?
Sounds like he used the "Map Corrections" feature in the menus on the device to report that the rotaries do not exist. Not bad for a 7 year old!

One thing I'd like to know though...

On your problem road, were the junctions SHOWN as rotaries or was it only the voice instructions that referred to them?

When I've ADDED a roundabout in the past, the voice instructions change to reflect the edit, but the map graphics remain the same (the system isn't clever enough to change that).
when the directions were saying rotaries, it would show a circular path at the bottom with arrows pointing to the "exit". so if we're going straight, it would say something like, "go through the rotary, second exit" at the intersection, and the bottom will show an arrow going around a circle. or if we are making a left turn, it would say, "go around the rotary, 3rd exit" and show an arrow going around a circle counter clockwise, and exit to the left...

on the map itself, it didn't show a rotary but just two roads intersecting (intersection is probably too small to show a rotary?).

when my son was "deleting" the rotaries, he kept saying, "Oh, here it is. I got it.. it's gone now" so, I have no idea what it looked like before the edit.


If you go to Home's Tools--Mapshare corrections and remove all corrections from the map, you may find the map looking the way it was. If that's what you desire.


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