Go 720 says 'no map found' after uploading USA and canada! why?

Feb 2, 2014
TomTom Model(s)
go 720
we have a Go720 which we purchased new from Halfords in Uk a few years ago with western Europe already uploaded. we have never updated etc until yesterday when we purchased 'USA and Canada' maps as we are spending a few months in USA now. we downloaded tomtom home and downloaded all the suggested updates . I understand that there is not room on the internal memory for both Europe and USA, so we agreed to save western Europe maps to my computer via HOME and upload the USA maps. (I originally tried to do this onto a 8 GB memory card but it wouldn't work, and I found a thread saying they would only work with 4GB or less, so we decided to go the internal memory route instead ). unfortunately after hours of uploading, the device now says 'no maps found' (even after resetting the device). The HOME programme is not helpful- 'operate my device' on the computer says 'no maps found', the 'manage my go' says that the USA and Canada map is loaded on my device! I am confused and frustrated, having already spent hours trying to sort this out!! Please help.
Did you try Manage maps-->switch maps?

Also, try a pin reset on the bottom of the device.

But before doing any of that............................

Connect to Home and go to Update my Device. An application should be offered. (Don't select any other items, if offered Accept it and install. Disconnect PROPERLY from Home using the Device Disconnect icon.

Reconnect to Home. See if any further application updates are offered. If so, go through the install process till no further applications are offered. The latest for the 720 should be 9.510.

Now do the pin reset on the device and see if the device recognizes the map.

If so, make an Explorer, not Home backup before doing anything else.

See here:

Yes - one wonders if he's even yet up to 8.302 that would support the larger card.
thank you so much dhn , after a whole weekend of trying it has finally worked- yay!
Did you find it necessary to move to more recent firmware to get the card to work?

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