Truck software incompatible with replacement unit.

Jan 18, 2016
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TomTom Model(s)
GO 520 GO 530

Recently, my Go 520 stopped charging properly. The charger connection block has worn out and needs repairing. However because I really need the (artic) truck nav for work, I couldn't wait, so i decided to get a replacement unit. There wasn't a suitable 520 available quickly (on ebay) so I got a Go 530 instead I assumed it would take my truck sd card as it has an sd expansion slot like the 520, Wrong! :( When I try to set the the vehicle profile to truck i get the message ' The current map does not contain truck attributes. Truck routing cannot be supported. Car routing will apply. What should i do?

I've noticed the maps on the Go 530 are very old and need updating, If I did an official paid map update would that fix the problem? But I don't really want to be chucking good money after bad.. I need a solution fast! Its very worrying not to be 100% sure of the route when you're trailer's 15'9 high! :eek:

Can anyone advise me please?



Ps. The device and software versions are :- Go 530 Version 9.510 / Go 520 Version 9.702
Unit is definitely trying to tell you what's up. In order for truck software to work, it must be accompanied by map with truck data embedded. Problem: not possible to swap maps between units (keyed by serial number) so you can't move it from the 520 to the 530.
You'd need to contact customer support to see what they could do about this map issue.
Alternately, are you saying that it's just the USB connector on your original 520 that is a problem? With some skill, that component can be replaced. The part can be found from several sources. Here is but one example >>
Thanks Canderson. I have already have the part to fix it.. i'm just waiting for a replacement battery I ordered too. It looks like the 530 will be going back on ebay! .You live and learn.
A few units in the old GO series were, similar to the more recent PRO series and the new Bridge series, supplied with firmware that allows the user to define certain parameters of the vehicle (height, max GVW, etc.) and the maps that accompany them contain restriction information regarding height and GVW such that routing is restricted to roads where the vehicle won't see it's top stuck under a bridge and won't likely collapse any bridges and wind up in a creek. Further to that, the truck maps indicate areas where truck traffic is banned outright for whatever reason. Needless to say, the resulting routes may be very different from what you'd get for a normal vehicle.

The only unit I've ever had in my possession that was capable of this sort of routing is the Bridge unit, few of which exist in North America at present. Pricey, but wow -- what a nice Nav4 rig it is! Major functionality, lots of horsepower, and a big 7" screen.

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