transfering TT to are larger sd card

Dec 26, 2007
Hi Everyone

I have a plam treo 680 and nav 6. TT came on a 1 gb sd card. I would like to load the program onto a 2 or 4 gb card so as to have the additional space to load some mp3's. This would save me carrying my ipod (especially on my motorcycle).

Question - how do you go about transferring the files to a new card. Is it just a matter of copying all files to a computer and the transfering the files to the new card or is there someting within the tomtom cd that allows me to accomplish this task.

Alberta Canada
There are two ways you can do this. One is to copy all files from your current card to a computer(using a card reader), then take a new card and format it, then copy the files back to the new card.

The other method which works with Tomtom Home 1.5(I don't know if 2.1 would work) is to format the card in your Palm 680, which will set up a few directories on the card. Then put the newly formatted card into your computer(with a card reader), click on "device" and then "change device..." to select the new card. With the original DVD in the DVD drive in your computer, you should be able to select the application version you want, maps, and voice files you want to put on the card, then click on "install", and it will copy all required files to the new card.

When I did this, I didn't even need to activate the software again, so it seems the activation is set up on the Treo rather than going on the SD card. I expect that if you need to do a hard-reset that we might need to re-activate, but I am not sure at this point and see no reason to test this myself.

This method can also be found on the Tomtom site if you look for how to make an SD card from the original DVD(paying less because the SD card is not included I guess).

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