transfering poi's from old tomtom

Jul 19, 2010
Hi everyone im new on here (first post) so hope its in the right place, i have a tomtom one v2 but it died a few weeks ago the problem is i had loads of custom poi's for work on it but i cant find them when i put the memory card in my computer(cant connect the ONE as it has compleatly died) and search for them. i have downloaded the memory card to tomtom home but still cant find them, there is the norm kfc travel lodge etc.

Also if it is possible hoe can i get them on to my new tomtom XL? i mean what is the folder called i would have to copy them to? Thanks for reading and possibaly helping and i hope you understand what i mean

The map folder will be named "Western_Europe" or "UK&ROI" depending upon the version you have, POI files are stored in to this folder, use Windows Explorer to open the drive letter associated with the device and find the map folder, open this and look for the files with an extension of ".ov2" as these are the Custom POI files. In addition to the ov2 files are .bmp files with the same file name, these are for the icons that corespond to each Custom POI. Simply copy these ov2 and .bmp files to your PC then copy them to the map folder on your new device using Windows Explorer, put the files in to the Western_Europe/ UK&ROI map folder as applicable - Mike

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