go520 wifi and poi's

Oct 14, 2019
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I just bought a go520 online assuming that it would be awesome like my ten year old go720 (wow how wrong I was)
I'm a plumber and I need to quickly navigate myself to known plumbing shops near me at any given time. for this purpose I used poi's in my 720 which I manually added myself. after much messing around I have managed to get the poi's onto my new device but it would seem that I cant add new ones to the 520, nor can i edit the ones I already have.

can it be done? if so how?

btw this forum needs to have its refusal to search for the term "poi go520" fixed. this is just unbelievable because it renders the forum somewhat useless (except if I post this question and have it answered freshly for myself but too bad for the next person who asks the same question because they will never find this thread).

nothing about this tomtom go520 has been user friendly and im tech savvy. hurdle after hurdle is preventing me from using this device so far. im about to post another question for assistance in getting my phone to connect to the 520 after successfully pairing it.
There is no way to create a new POI category ON your 520, if that's what you were hoping to do. As I think you've already sussed out, it's now done through the MyDrive web interface. If you didn't pick up on that, let us know and we'll do some steering.

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