Cannot install Camps9 on GO520

Nov 6, 2007
Sunshine Coast - Australia
TomTom Model(s)
TomTom One V2
I am trying to load Camps9 Australia Wide onto a friends GO520, I have tried both USB & WiFi connection to install the POI's but just keep getting an error asking to retry when using the program Camps9_for_TomTom_GO_Windows.exe to try and get the Camps9.OV2 POI's onto the GO520.

Can anybody help by giving me instructions on how to go about getting the file and loading it?
I assume that your friends GO520 is a relatively new one, not one of the GO520 units from many years ago (bad idea to re-use the number, but that's TomTom... )

I suspect that the *.exe file was designed to directly load the *.ov2 to an older Nav2 device. In those days, the architecture of the devices was open, and you could see all of the files on the device. That is no longer true for Nav4 devices (two generations hence).

If you have found a way to extract the camps9.ov2 file, then you need to use the features of the MyDrive web interface to load POI files to the new GO520 device. I cannot recall the exact URL for Australian users, but here we use and set up an account for the device and use that interface for moving POI files 'through the cloud' to the device.
G'day Arno, it still took 2 of us a little while to sort it all out, I wrote up a step by step guide for the owner of the GO 520 and saved it to her PC, but somewhere between saving it and re-opening an hour or so later it had mysteriously become corrupted. Go figure!

I cannot for the love of me understand why the process for the GO 520 is more convoluted than my old TomTom One v2, anyway it is done until the next time now. :)


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