Cannot install Turkey map

Aug 2, 2009
Hello, first post here. Looks like a great resource.

I have just bought the Turkey map (v 830.2316) from the TomTom website but I cannot install it. I would love to resolve the problem as I am leaving for Turkey on Wednesday 5th August and the only reason I bought the map was for this trip!

I am running Navigator 7.915 (9196) which came pre-installed on a Vodafone HTC Touch Pro and I am trying to install the map through TomTom Home v 2.6 (latest version as of 2/8/09).

I get a message which says "This item does not work on your device. Therefore it cannot be installed".

I have tried installing to the core memory and to the storage card with the same result. I have previously purchased and successfully installed the UK and IE map v 825.2159) on this device.

There is a disclaimer on the TomTom site that says the map will only work on devices that have Navigator 7 pre-installed (a condition which I meet) but there are no other indicators that suggest it will not work.

I have just emailed TT support (but having read lots of posts here and elsewhere I am not hopeful for a speedy resolution!). Tomorrow (Monday) I will call the UK support line but given that most of the technical expertise in these situations seems to be more readily available OUTSIDE the official channels I thought I would try here.

If it simply will not work, for whatever reason, am I entitled to a refund? From what I see, TomTom seem reluctant to refund under any circumstances.

Any advice welcomed.

Ian . . .
The "will not work on your device" error is usually a result of HOME loading the wrong map version onto your account.

Only Tomtom phone support will be able to fix up maps on your account. Give them a call, not much we can do here.

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