Toyota TNS410: Data share through Galaxy S5

Jan 20, 2015
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TomTom Model(s)
Toyota TNS410
I'm wondering if anyone has successfully been able to share their phone's data connection with their GPS. I have enabled Bluetooth tethering, but unfortunately the GPS says "This feature not supported", so I am unable to login to TomTom Services or get any updates while on the road. I have no idea whether this is a problem with my phone's OS or simply the TomTom device has compatibility issues with my device. I just find it hard to believe that Bluetooth configurations would be that much different between devices.
A couple of notes. First, I will have to assume that they're still supporting the old 'Plus' services in Australia. I don't have information one way or the other on that.

Second, please understand that the TNS410 does not use Bluetooth PAN profile tethering, it uses the old Bluetooth DUN profile for tethering. The Galaxy S5 does natively support this DUN profile, so you should be able to pair with your TNS410 providing 1) your carrier has not had that feature removed, and 2) it's either a free service from your carrier or you have paid whatever fare is required per month to enable it. If both 1 and 2 are true, you should be able to get the devices paired.

If you can get the devices paired...
Using DUN can be tricky. The dialing strings that are used are peculiar at best, and you will need to know from your provider what is appropriate. Those would be entered on the TNS410 side.

Have you ever had your TNS410 connected to 'Plus' services before via any prior phone?
If your carrier blocks or cripples bluetooth DUN on the S5, you may also want to try the BlueDUN app. In North America where most carriers cripple Android DUN, this app has been successful in adding the capability back for cars that require it.
My ISP doesn't block tethering at all, but Ill try the BlueDUN app and see what happens. Would be nice to at least get weather or download updates while on the road.
Also meant to say (cant edit for some reason) that Ive only just purchased the device, so no I haven't used any services with TomTom before.
OK, I have tried BlueDUN, and although I had to set the compatibility options, it allowed me to tether the device successfully.
Sounds like case '1', above. Glad BlueDUN has provided you a way around it.

I am curious .. Which of the old 'Plus' services are still available to you in Australia?
Thanks for the help.
I haven't fully explored the device yet, as I was busy most of yesterday, but so far I know weather updates work, voice download or buddy doesn't.

I'll probably end up getting a newer device at some point, now that I know the ins and outs of the system, as I'd like a bigger screen and something that is fully supported. Maybe an android based head unit.

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