Unresponsive built in TomTom, Toyota Aygo

Sep 23, 2019
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Toyota Aygo built in
My wife has just bought a Toyota Aygo (2010/11 model) which has a built in TomTom sat nav unit.
The device switches on and displays the data collection start up screen but the screen does not respond to being touched at all.
I have been through the various TomTom advice screens (including connection to TomTom Home). I have also rebooted the device several times, including after charging it overnight (having seen the "charge for at least 2 hours" advice). Nothing makes any difference, the unit is still frozen on that screen.
A couple of questions therefore:
1. Is a repair possible and would it cost much?
2. Am I better off investigating removing the mount completely and using an alternative, stand-alone device?

I have a similar problemn.

Just bought a seconf hand Aygo but the TomTom does not turn on. I have charged it for over 2 hours and overnight and reset it. I turn it on and get the drums! but the screen stays blank. Plugged it in to my laptop and get a message saying it has malfunctioned etc. Therefore, my question is can it be repaired or is it dead?

As you will guess, you are the first to come back on this thread since I posted in September last year.
I enquired about a repair for ours and it was some silly price approaching £100 (at least). It would have had to be sent away and there was no guarantee that the company could actually fix it anyway.

Now and again I've done a search for second hand ones but they are expensive. By pure coincidence I looked earlier this morning and there are a couple on eBay for just under £90 each including shipping - very expensive for an old model which can probably not even be brought up to date now.

Luckily my wife only uses the car for local trips and can manage without a sat nav. If she did need one I could probably manage to put together a mount for the Garmin model I use in my own car.

As you found out, there are very few users with built in type devices in this forum.

A possible alternative could be TomTom's free app for cell phones.
Thank you. That would be an alternative but there would still be the requirement to devise a mount.

I can appreciate the dearth of members with built in devices here but I also asked the same original questions on the official TomTom Community forum where employees of the company are members and received no response whatsoever. Having had extensive problems with TomTom in 2016, regarding a different device and broken promises, I am afraid that doesn't surprise me. We only have the original device because it came with the car. That previous experience was so bad that we would not have bought it - or any other TomTom product - by choice.
I agree - but the vehicle in question doesn't have suitable vents. It has swiveling vents at each end of the dashboard which are unsuitable for holding vent mounts :)

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