TomTomXXL suddenly stopped working?

May 13, 2014
TomTom Model(s)
I have the XXL model which has been working perfectly both here and on visits to Italy. I recently received an e-mail offering an update, so I went ahead as usual. Since then I appear to have lost the UK map, when I switch on a message tells me "no usable location near GPS position" and the only record of places visited shows previous locations on trip to Italy. Any Ideas/thoughts on what could have happened?
An update of what? An application? Did you try Switch map-->and see what maps are listed for selection?
Do you suppose he's gotten involved in a segmented map situation for the first time?
You may not need to contact customer services... If you have access to part of the Europe map, then you SHOULD be entitled to the whole of Europe, it's just it now gets split up into smaller chunks to fit on your XXL, and it looks like you've somehow selected the wrong one during the update.

So try this first....

Connect the unit to your PC and run "Home".
Go to "Manage my XXL" (second menu screen)
Stay on the first tab "Items on my device" and click on the "+" sign next to "Maps"
Under "Maps" you should now see something like this (but with the Europe - Southern Zone mentioned)


Click on "Change Map Zone" and you should see this screen, where you can change to the "Western" zone which includes the UK:


Note it says at the bottom that you can change zones at any time (but you obviously need access to a PC and if you haven't previously downloaded the zones you want, you will also need an internet connection.

To see which countries are included in each zone (there is quite a lot of overlap), see the box in Home which is just to the right of my second screenshot.
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