Tomtom Truck 520 vs 620 vs 6200 vs 6250 vs 5350 or 5350 / 7350 comparison

Dec 28, 2020
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hi guys.can you please clarify me the difference between these models?
as far as i get it:
520 - 5 inch and wifi only
620 - 6 inch wifi only
6200 and 6250 - 6 inch + cellular data ,but what is the difference between them?
+ how about the 5350 and 7350? it seems these are identical to the 520 (5350-cellular and 7350 wifi only)
+ what is the difference compared to the older 5250 and 7250 models?
also i have seen the 8375 and 8475 versions too,does these available as consumer models?

its quite confusing,theres a lot of models and i havent found any detailed infos or comparison charts
Gotta be careful here as there are regular consumer versions and 'truck/professional' versions of some of these models. Those include both additional map detail relevant to those driving bigger rigs, hazardous goods, etc., and the ability to define certain parameters about your truck (e.g., length). Since most of what you're asking about seems to lend itself to large vehicle operation, I'll stick with that for now.

520 and 620 as you have imagined, but these also come in 'truck' versions.

6200 and 6250 can also alternately be supplied as 'professional' models or those for regular vehicles.
The 6200 only comes with 1 year of traffic and speed cam service. The 6250 doesn't require any annual subscription. For that, they get an extra US$50.

The 5350 and 7350, and 8375 and 8475 aren't sold directly from TomTom. I have the equivalent of an 8375. The real advantage to these has to do with fleet management, and that division was sold to Bridgestone a while back. The 8375 and 8475 in particular are quite expensive, but have loads of horsepower. Very quick units.

What we really need to know to simplify all of this is what you actually need. Can you provide us with a use case that will help us to understand what you need to accomplish in the way of navigation?
hi.thank for the reply
im looking for a navigation for truck
tell me please what it the difference between the 5250-7250 and the newer 5350-7350 and also how these models compared to 620
also how the subscription works with all those models
you also said you have the equivalent of an 8375.which consumer model is it?
Mine isn't a consumer model. It's from what is known as the Bridge series. Not inexpensive, but absolutely sweet. It's an older version of this one

So before we start talking about subscriptions, it is necessary to know if you plan to deploy a number of these, or whether it's only for your single use. That matters, because there's whole 'fleet' program wrapped around some of the models that may not be of any interest to you at all. That will help to determine the appropriate model. If for just your use, then the 6250 probably makes more sense than some of the other models you mentioned.
thanks.i just need one for personal usage
as for the 6250 many people complained about the slow and crappy celullar data of it and using it with connected smartphone instead so then a 620 make more sense to me,its also cheaper
but since 7250 is relatively cheap,im considering to buy that instead an 520.but im still dont know what is the exat difference between the 7250 and 7350
Some have good luck with the cellular on the 6250, and some don't. The only big complaint I've heard, and I don't know if it still applies, was dropping connection between carriers at country borders.
But if you have a decent data plan, using the 620 tethered to your phone's WiFi can work very nicely even then. When shopping, be sure you're looking at the 620 for trucks and not just the standard consumer 620. As I say, both the maps and the firmware are different than the consumer model.

As for the 7250/7350, the 7350 is designed to be managed through a fleet system, something you don't need or want as a solo driver. These are also now on offer only through Bridgestone Webfleet distributors. I don't know for certain how they are managing things like map and firmware updates now that they're one step removed from TomTom.

Both the 7250/7350 are only equipped with a 5" screen. I kinda like them bigger now that I'm getting older. My version of these devices, mentioned above, is a 7"! But I also own a non-truck version of the 620 (6") which is big enough, and has proved to be a pretty reliable piece of kit. In your shoes, I'd be deciding between the 620 and 6250 at this point.
im considering to buy the 7250 since it is about half the price used as the 620.but i still dont know how it compares to the 7350 and the 620
Didn't know used was in the equation.
Before you buy used on a 7250, be SURE you will have access to new maps. They likely won't be coming from TomTom. Updating this device MAY require a Webfleet account.
As I've said before, one major difference between the 7250 and 620 is that Bridgestone Webfleet has taken over this product. TomTom sold the division handling this product to Bridgestone.
i understand that part with the subscription but still curious if there is anything different hardware wise between the 520-7250-7350.both looks the same and have 5 inch screen so if the 7250 is as powerful as the 520 then it can be a good deal used for half price
... so if the 7250 is as powerful as the 520 then it can be a good deal used for half price
Not if you have to get a Webfleet account to update the map.

Contact TomTom about map updates on the 7250 or call Webfleet UK, number shown on their web site.
one more thing:you said you have a 7inch faster is it than the 620 if it is at all?as i see the new basic 7inch model has only 1gb ram,while the premium has 2gb.nowdays 2gb is even very poor.but i cant really compare it since i could not find anywhere how much the ram is in the 620.cpu speeds also unknown
The 7" Bridge model I have is what I believe they now call the 8275. And it is SMOKIN' FAST!
smokin fast with 1 gig ram ?
does it really worth it?the garmin dezl ones seems more decent for about the same price
Yes, smokin' fast. LOTS of processor power. Computes routes about 3X as fast as a 620.
so if i can get a 8275 for roughly the same price as a 620,then the 8275 is a way better option?
does it also has lifetime maps?
The 8275 is ALSO now controlled by Webfleet/Bridgestone. As to whether you can get access to their system to get map updates may well depend upon whether you have an account with them. I 'grandfathered' into the program, so can't tell you what it will be like for you. Please be careful to inquire about map updates for ANY unit you propose to buy from other than TomTom.
Hello, i'm just enquiring as to if I can get a tom tom that is 6in / 7in that does van car trucks I can be in a car one day van another and truck another, with the TomTom Truck Sat Nav GO Expert Plus can you put the dimensions in of the car/van/truck and get the appropriate settings and routes for the dimentions if so has it also got lifetime maps, IQ routes to avoid traffic, accidents, road blocks, road works e.t.c. ? thanks in advance

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