TOMTOM ONE XL STUFFED AFTER UPDATE need old version firmware

Mar 29, 2009
Hi Guys,
First time poster.

I just updated my tomtom one with new applications and now when i go to load it it says "this map cannot be used on this device: Australia"

So its saying i cannot use the australian maps on this device when before it was working perfect.


or if anyone has an old version of the firmware if they could send it over please.

You have to help us.....

What application do you have after updating? What version do you want? What is your map version?
I'm not really sure i can't load the tomtom at all..

I think it updated to ver 8.010 the newest update.

What could be the problem? has anyone else had this issue. Would it be the the new version wont support the maps, but why is that?
When its connected to computer i can see what application is installed.
But when i turn the systme on it tells me to select a map and once i select Australia it wont accept it.
Is there a way i can save the Australian maps and then download files to reboot the tomtom then load the maps back on.

So what happens if you delete an important file and tomtom wont load??? is there a way to reboot them.
You still haven't told us what model you have. What map.

Try a pin reset for your unit.

Do you see a specific map folder (Australia) on your unit when you use Explorer? If so, copy the complete folder to your computer. Delete all the loose files in the root of your unit. NO folders or their contents. Connect to Home. You should be offered the application. Download and re-install it.
I think i found the problem.
There was a note with the tomtom when i bought it and i just found it.

It says never to update the application as its an AMERICAN VERSION TOMTOM and therefore will not allow the AUSTRALIAN maps to work once updated.

I wish i saw this earlier.


thanx for your help
Try this:

Make a complete Explorer backup of your unit's contents. Ensure hidden files/folders are showing. Now, use Explorer to remove all loose files in the root of the unit, NO folders or their contents.

Download Navcore 7.166 from this site. Install it and see if the map works now.

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