TomTom now wants a FEE to update lifetime maps??

Jun 22, 2021
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Hi. I have a 1505M World Traveler with lifetime maps. It was last updated late spring 2019. I am headed overseas and went to update maps and it says my current maps are expired and wants to charge me a large fee to update. Despite being able to log in and log in to TomTom my drive, I can't get to human chat or to email support - get error page. Anyway, hence I am here. Can anyone assist?
Welcome to TomTomForums.

It used to be that the lifetime update only applied to the continent on which the device was purchased.
Have a look if your Europe map is the same version as you USA map.
Thx, not sure that is the issue. Updated maps twice in late, late 2018 and again in spring/ early summer of 2019 and used it overseases no problem several times. Going back over and went to My Drive, it recognized my account and device no problem, even updated some minor things BUT wants to charge me a tone to update US and Europe map - both of which I have updated a total of 3 times here in the US through My Drive.
Thx but There is no longer any phone support. Only support is via forums, chat or email and I can't find their email
They don't have a public eMail address in New Hampshire.

They had done that in other countries already some time a go, more and more fell by the wayside.
I am not on their Forum but I was led to believe that the moderator is a company employee.

Your best bet is chat then.

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