TomTom Go 5000 - Feedback

Jan 22, 2011
TomTom Model(s)
One XL, Go 5000
I've just taken delivery of a TomTom Go 5000; this was intended to replace an ageing TomTom One XL. I have the following comments:

1. When I phoned TomTom to discuss the Go family I specifically asked about both availability of US mapping and that it could be added to the internal memory alongside the European Maps already installed. I was told that I could download US maps and that they would fit on the internal memory alongside the existing maps. US maps are not available for the TomTom Go 5000 and they certainly wouldn't fit on the 8GB internal memory alongside the additional maps - these already take up almost 6GB. These high-end devices really should come with enough internal memory to allow the installation of an additional mapping.

2. When the TomTom believes you have arrived at the destination (see point 3) the map display reverts to North orientated and all routing information and prompting ceases. Why does the mapping orientation change? It can be the case that you have to drive beyond your destination, the unit should continue to give navigational prompts and the diaply orientation shouldn't change.

2a. 3D mapping. I don't live in London but I did drive into Gloucester this evening using the TomTom to see how it performed. Where is 3D mapping available? I have it selected but don't see anything like the marketing style images - I don't expect 3D mapping in the countryside where I live but in a major UK city.....!

3. In my limited use of the Go 5000 the accuracy of the postcodes I've used is far worse than that of my old One XL.

4. There is no way to create POI groups as on previous units. Previously this meant I could categorise POIs into groups that worked for me to make them more manageable e.g. Friends, Work, Pubs & Restaurants etc. All there is now is a huge 'My Places' list.

5. Limited re-routing options; they're simply not implemented yet.

6. It takes an age to boot up.
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You have my sympathy. These new models were simply not fit/ready for public release IMHO....
I'd like to add another issue that has become irritating. When the device is communicating with the GSM network to retrieve information there is interference in the form of horizontal lines moving up the screen.

To add detail to the issue I outlined above re indication of charging/power connection. The battery symbol is only dynamic when the battery is charging, it does not currently indicate that there is power to the device and fully charged; it should indicate both.
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All I can help with is #6, above. All we can do is commiserate on the rest.
When you shut down, just give the power button a tap. If you hold it longer and select 'Turn off' instead of 'Sleep', it does a full boot when you turn it on again. Or is yours behaving differently?

The issue of the power indicator has been argued already, and indeed, most people wish to have the indicator not only improved but placed on the main driving screen rather than in the menu area. Time will tell if anyone listens to that.
Hi canderson, mine behaves as you describe and I have taken to putting it to sleep rather than the full shutdown. I fully concur with having the power/battery indicator on the main screen. The green LED on my old One XL was also fine.
On Tuesday I made a journey that included inputting a destination and then turning around and inputting my home postcode. Today I needed to repeat this and so I selected 'Recent Destinations.' Totally blank, not a single destination in there. I'll say it again; to get me from A to B and organise frequently visited locations, the 5 year old (maybe more) TomTom One XL beats the TomTom Go 5000 hands down. It is, frankly, pathetic.
Somebody in TomTom's Discussion forum posted this:

I too lost my Recent Destinations (more than once). Recently - I'm afraid I don't recall the situation. but - something happened on my 6000 when I was out and about - it wasn't connected to my PC or updating - but something happened to make me want to check my recent destinations - and they had suddenly gone.

I wasn't happy and didn't want to lose them at that moment, so I thought I'd do what I could to reset without TT saving this state.

What I did was to press and hold the power button and keep holding it, ignoring the Sleep/Shutdown that popped-up, just kept holding the power button. After about 20 seconds the screen blanked then I got the drum-roll. The system fully re-loaded with the progress bar at the bottom. When it reloaded my recent destinations were back again.
No idea how or why this worked!

Might be worth a shot. Dunno.
Another thing we have noted is that updates to the unit can also lay waste to the 'recent destinations'. Any chance you performed some sort of update just prior to your experience? And of course, NEVER use the 'factory reset' option unless absolutely necessary since that wipes out your Home location and all of your favorites and recent destinations.
I did connect the TomTom to my computer and there may have been an update; I simply can't recall. Another thing I've noticed this week is that the volume is not speed dependent. Guess what; my old TomTom One XL has this feature!!

You truly have to wonder what, if any, user testing TomTom carried out before releasing this line of products.
Quite a lot, actually. Whether they listened to their beta test team is another question altogether.

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