TomTom Go Slow

Jan 2, 2022
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TomTom Go Premium 6inch

I have a TomTom Go Premium (6inch) and when on a journey it will randomly switch from the route to tell me about the pointless updates (different voices, I don’t want) that are available. This is not only annoying when following a route but potentially dangerous. I have even had to stop and wait for it to finish its stupidity and go back to the map before continuing my journey on a number of occasions. Can anyone tell me how to remedy this AND the fact that it is ridiculously slow to boot up and let me type in a new destination?

Many thanks,



IIRC, this 'hints phase' goes away by itself within a few days. I assume this is a brand new unit?

As for boot time, is this when the device the device is coming up from a cold state or 'resuming' from 'sleep' mode?

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