tomtom xl classic so slow to copy to internal memory

Jan 9, 2011
hi - i have a tomtom xl classic with 1gb internal memory, i have made a backup of the internal memory...ive reformatted the internal when i try to copy the backup back to the internal memory its taking over 2 hours or longer to copy the contents back to the device. I have checked for damaged or corrupt memory but its all fine using windows 7 to check..looking at the unit when its copying it shows its copying by the flashing disk and then it stops for ages and then it copies againg for a few seconds and then stops again and so on...any ideas why ? ta
Well, that model is only usb 1.1, not 2.0 compliant so that may explain some of the read/write slowness....
over 2hrs for around 700mb !...somethings not right ?
That is pretty slow, but we have no idea what the rest of your system looks like -- no clue what kind of hardware you have or the percentage of your CPU that can be devoted to the copying task with whatever else is running, even in the background.

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