Tomtom Go 720 Western_and_Central_Europe-110

how I can send you this little video of the device ? So you can have the exact idea what it looks like after deleting all the applications.?
I'm afraid I don't think updating the device software to the latest official version is going to help you.

Going right back to the first couple of posts, here's what was said...

If the map was not "genuine" for whatever reason, then an altered or "hacked" copy of software was also needed to make it work.
You didn't make a backup of that software and you allowed TomTom to install the proper software for your device.
That new software realises there is something wrong with the map.

Being brutal, without knowing where the altered software came from and without you having made a backup of it, I don't think there's much we can advise, other than buying a proper map for the unit.

See the outcome of THIS TOPIC where someone was in a similar position to you.
The map was original and I had no issue for the last nearly two years until now.
I also feel now that I need to buy new device or at least new map.Any how many thanks for your time and online help.


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