TomTom Go 720 - part fell off circuit board

Mar 29, 2012
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TomTom Go 720
Hi, I'm wondering if someone out there could help me with a problem I have with my Go 720.
I have recently replaced the battery to my Go 720 and whilst doing so, a small part became dislodged from the innards of the sat nav.
I'm not sure where it has come off the motherboard. It is a square shaped part about 4mm x 4mm with 4 little black plastic prongs at each corner. It is silver on top, and black at the back There isnt any solder, so i assume it just clicks into place somewhere, but where!

I have tested the sat nav, and all seems to be working apart from the ipod function/to car radio. (this worked before I replaced the battery) so i assume this to be the part/problem. Has anybody got a circuit board plan for theis model, which i could have so that i may be able to locate where the part should fit?

Fingers crossed, as this is required so that the kids can play their music when we go on holiday soon! :car.
Thanks in advance


Excellent, thank you. The photos actually show where the component should go. I'll give it a go.


Sounds like what has just happened to mine.

Following on from a previous post I made earlier where I replaced the battery I now have an additional issue.

I believe the part you have (had) in your hand is the Mini USB female connector. This fits at the bottom of the unit where you normally plug the USB cable into.

It would seem that after 5 years of plugging it in the tiny soldered joints have come away. I've had a good look and unless you're extremely competent with a professional quality soldering iron I'd give this repair a miss. There's so little space that one drop of solder in the wrong place may bridge connections that shouldn't be bridged.

After having just bought a new battery and thinking my luck was in I'm almost resigned to the fact that it's 'game over' for my Go720. I'm going to try just one more thing to see if I can get a bit more life from it and that is to Super-Glue the four corners to the circuit board. It's not ideal, but short of sending it to away for a pro soldering job (if it's even possible) it's my last alternative. Well second to last, I'll have a look for somewhere selling replacement PCB's first and if that's not a cost effective exercise then I'm afraid my tomtom will just have to go in the box of bits & bobs that I may get round to doing something with in the next 10 years!
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