Two maps on one TomTom Go720

Oct 5, 2008
New Berlin, WI
TomTom Model(s)
My old GO 720 finally died but since I love it so much I bought a used one. Now that I have it I see that there is a North American map on internal storage, version 830.2284. There is also a North American map on the memory card, version 895.4438.
How do I determine which map the unit is using?
If it is not using the newer one how do I switch the unit to use the newer one?
I noticed on TomTom's web site that the latest version is in the high 900s. Is that going to be a big difference?
I don't know if I will want to spend the 79.00 for four new maps. Can just one update be ordered for less?
Interesting ... likely the newer one, but you can check easily enough.

Go to the Status & Information button (a couple of right arrows into the menu system), Version Information. There you'll see "Map: 'USA_Canda' v.965.7250" if that's the one that is being used. If not, let us know.
We'll help to remove the older one in any case if you wish to do so.

As to how much difference a dated map makes, that will depend a lot on how much change there has been in the area in which you typically travel. You can get a sense of the more current state of things by looking at a recent (if not totally current) version at
That site is actually for reporting errors, but you'll be able to see most of what a current map looks like.
My TT is using the more current version of the two. Is there a reason to keep the other one? If I decide to by a new map with it automatically delete the old ones?
Thanks for the help.
No, odds are that a new map will overwrite the one on the card, not the internal map. You can delete the folder from the internal memory if you like, or copy it to your PC first in case there's ever anything in that folder that is useful later.
My TT is using the more current version of the two.
1.) Can you switch between maps by tapping Change Preferences > right > Switch map?
2.) Are you using the current Operating System for that device, "version 9.510"? On the main screen tap the RH bottom and see the number.
3.) Tap that version number and you will get the details on your device, including the current map in use.
When you check the data on your device, please let us know the exact vxxx.xxxx numbeer for either map. There could be differences why they co-exist.

HOME will usually offer the newest map and replace it with the last found on your device.
When I try to switch between maps the system sees both maps but won't let me switch. If I try to click on the one not high lighted, it at first says "switching maps" but then I get a red screen saying "problem with map, can not use"

I am using the latest version, App 9.510.1234792.1 OS842337
The map that shows on the details screen is v830.2284
When I use TT Home - Manage my go. I see one map, v830.2284. on internal memory.
I also see another map on the memory card, v895.4438
Which one do you see when you check for the data on the device?
My guess would be the 895.

If you do plan to get a new map I suggest you call Customer support first and ask the to help you resolve this.
"The map that shows on the details screen is v830.2284"

If that's what you see when you press the Status & Information button, or whatever it's called on your particular menu screen, that indicates that the device is using the older of the two maps. You'll definitely want to MOVE the old map folder (may be called USA_Canada or North_America_2GB or similar) from internal memory to your PC and see if your device will see the newer map on the card.

In fact, before you go about this, I'd recommend backing up both the device AND the content of the card using this method >>>

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