I have a TOMTOM GO 60 bo MIAMI-FL, with a free MAPS for its time life, But is only for USA?

Nov 1, 2019
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GO 60
Good morning for alls of our community!
I live in Brazil where Ihave a GPS TOMTOM GO 60 bought in Miami-FL. My target is update all its Brazilian Maps.

I had contacted TOMTOM about free Maps, but theys do not recognize that I have rights to Brazilian Maps Free, that it is only for USA and Canada !

I concern that will be expansive to buy all Maps, all years. So, I imagine if someone living in USA could to download Brazilian Maps free, than send to me in Brazil?
Now I appreciate to have a contact with a House or person specialized in updating GPS for this target?

Fernando Luiz Werlang
Doesn't work that way, sorry. Free maps are only for the region the device was sold in. In your case, USA and Canada. Maps are only for the device first assigned to and can't be shared with other devices.

You'll need to purchase Brazilian maps or buy a device in your country that DOES come with free lifetime maps. Then perhaps sell your existing unit on eBay.

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