tomtom go 720

Jul 27, 2012
been trouble free until now
downloaded new version of My Tomtom, and now my computer (Mac) does not recognise it

shows up as "INTERNAL" drive, but the tomtom is not recognised, and cannot upload new maps

I do hear the drum when I connect, and it does ask if I want to connect to this computer, but after touching YES and waiting, altho it appears to go thru the motions, it does not connect


Are you using the cable that came with the device? A usb port on the back of the computer?
cable and cradle that came with device
and connected to back of computer

(but might loo for another cable to rule out a fault there)

was working last week just fine
while connected, the tomtom screen occasionally shows the "red cross" in front of the image of the device... but does not connect

on Mac, it recognises that there are two external devices (one is the CD card, the other is just labelled "INTERNAL")


No, Home 2. That's what you use with a 720. Get it at

MyTomTom is for the newer Nav3 devices................


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