Tomtom Go 720 Western_and_Central_Europe-110

May 9, 2012
Hello Tomtom users,

I have a problem with my device,when i switch it on or operates at my iMac it asks me select a map and underneath it shows me Western and Central Europe. When I select it and it gets blue and it shows me the message " switching to Western and Central Europe " it stays nearly 2 or 3 seconds and then it says Problem with this map ( you can not use this map on this device : Western_and_Central_Europe-110.

It updates in my iMac without any problem but the device does not move any further long.
It will be very nice if any one guide me how to solve this problem.Thanks in advance.
In fact I bought in from a friend nearly two years ago and it was new and every thing was installed inside already.
Honestly, sometimes that error appears when a map and software are hacked to make them work. Earlier applications on the unit didn't catch the issue but later applications do spot the incorrect map and give the error.

I'm not saying that is definitely the case with you, but ...................
well it worked well until few days ago when I connected to the computer for update the map which comes automatically since than it does not work... so i don't know what to do thats why I am here seeking help :)
What part don't you understand? 'Loose files'? If so, they mean any files you find not in a yellow folder when you look at the contents of the device using Finder.

Look at the attachment. Those rows not preceded by a yellow folder are loose files (there are many more than that).


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Please check the attached image and guide me accordingly,,, thank you very much for your kind support.


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    Screen shot 2012-05-10 at 10.31.12 PM.jpg
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For example, in the rightmost frame of your screencapture, 'art' is a folder (as are all other items with the same symbol as 'art' has.

'autorun.inf' is an example of a loose file as are all items with the same symbol as 'autrun.inf'.

Delete all of these loose files and then connect to Home for an application update.

Look, a second way to accomplish this is to connect your unit to Home and go to Manage my Device (2nd screen--purple folder). Items on my device-->application-->delete. (there may be a warning but do it anyway). Then, items on computer-->application-->delete.

Then, in Home, Update my Device and get the application.
Ok i have done as you explained, first I removed the art and autorun.inf folders.
Then I went in Home and deleted application folders one by one from my device and from items on computer.
Afterward I updated the latest which you see here in the screen capture.
Now the problem is that I can not enter in the device not even can operate my device in the Home, please check the image attached. Thanks.


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    Screen shot 2012-05-11 at 4.57.15 PM.jpg
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Kindly see this video of my device after your instructions.

Oh i can not attach the video which I made with my iphone for the device.:mad:
When you operate the unit on its own, does it work? Does it find a map and accept it?

Are you saying 'operate my unit' in Home isn't working?
my device does not operate its own, that is why i wanted to send you the video of it.

Also in home operate my unit and backup options wont work which you may see in the image.
Well, backups are better made using Finder. I provided the link earlier in this thread.

Can you uninstall Home 2 and reinstall from (and get the Mac version).

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