TomTom Go 2535 TM

Jun 14, 2012
TomTom Model(s)
This is my first post on this site. I prefer TomTom over Garmin.

I am interested in the 2535 TM, but I am concerned about the reviews on Amazon. lt got an overall of three stars, but 37 people gave it one star. The one noted negative review characterized the model as being Beta tested (with a lot of bugs) rather than a final finished product. I am most concerned about Navigation. Does it freeze often requiring a reboot? How well does the voice control work? Is it worth spending the extra money over the 2505 to be able to give a complete address at once? Has TomTom taken care of any of the issues mentioned? I really would like to buy this GPS, but I'm a little hesitant given the range of reviews it has received. Thanks for your help.

There are certainly some issues with the newer models. Understand that it is the nature of the beast to see more negative that positive reviews for any product.

The 2535 model does not freeze up for all users. That I can assume you. Mine never has. The voice control works, well, ok. It's pretty good at the one-shot addresses but it's my experience that the VC is less than terrific with some commands such as 'Drive to the nearest XXX' where XXX = a specific brand of poi like Sunoco, etc. It takes practice learning what is a good volume to use and how much ambient noice is acceptable when giving a voice command.

Certainly better than typing all the information in, that's for sure.

Thanks for your help. You would then recommend this model?

Here's a link to some specs for that and other models.

All I can say is that there are many users having no known issues. I'm also the first to say that all the newer Nav3 models are more problematic than those of the old Nav2 range which used Home 2. The newer ones require the web based MyTomTom app to interface between the unit and tomtom's servers. While the web app has improved over time since its firrst inception -- and continues to improve -- it ain't perfect.

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