Does the GO 2535 M LIVE Tomtom work in the USA?

Sep 26, 2010
Coquitlam BC
TomTom Model(s)
Go Live1535
Looking at the GO 2535 M LIVE for sale in Canada and am wondering if the Live services work in the USA? if not can it ? if so how? is it all in the map purchase?

I took my go live 1535 across the border yesterday and within 1 KM I lost the services which didn't help me when I was looking to use the google business searches during the day.
There is NO 2535 LIVE model available in Canada. The only LIVE is the 1535 and, as you've noticed' LIVE services cease in the States.

As well, a LIVE unit bought in the States will not have that (LIVE) functionality in Canada.

LIVe in Canada uses the Rogers network, the States uses AT&T. The sim cards are not compatible.
Understood and understand .. But Just wanted to figure all this out ..
Rogers service is for Canada and ATT is for the USA .. Can you not have both services on one device .. all thru GPS ( no cell phone ) just gps signal .. Your services for $59 a year for live services could be bumped up a few dollars for both as you could never use both at the same time .. but you could use one full time i none country and one full time in the the other country if you are out of the area in one you could pick up the other on the other side if travelling ..
So these sim cards The little white cards .. they could be interchanged? if so can you purchase and update ATT on one and Rogers on the other and then keep them in your glove box.. if this is true what would be the price for $59 on each of is there a package deal??
TomTom is not prepared to pay the roaming charges for Canucks in the US and vice versa for the Yanks when in Canada.
so bottom line you would have to buy two seperate packages @ $59.00 for the two..?

and if so , would each then embedded on the white sdh card inside the unit for interchangeable travel between countries?

p.s. and the TT go live 2535 M is not available for sale in Canada??

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