TomTom 1XXX, 2505, 2535 etc battery issues

Mar 28, 2011
I think most users are aware (or will become aware) of the battery issues linked to the 1XXX and 2XXX series TomTom's.

Just do an internet search for 'Tomtom 1000, 2505, 2535 battery issues' and many results will appear..

The battery will initially work just fine, and then within several months it will completely die and stop charging all together. After that, the Tomtom will only operate via a plugged in connection via the USB data cable for your computer, an AC connection, or the Car Adapter..

I can only think of two possible causes for the battery issue:

1. The charging circuit was poorly engineered so it does not detect battery peaks or regulate the proper voltage. In other words, the charging system slowly kills the battery as soon as you use the product.

2. The latest Navcore (or a previous Navcore) introduced a software bug that messes up the way the battery power is regulated.. Possibly linked to the controls that preserve battery power or the new option to "keep the unit powered after external power is disconnected".

Either way, this is a serious problem. If the glitch is in the engineering, then there is no way to fix this :eek:

Even worse, the battery is not meant to be replaced for these Tomtoms..

Is there any evidence that Tomtom is doing anything to address this issue?? Other than us having to send in our TomToms for continual battery replacement???
What about

3. They got a batch of lousy batteries

It would have to be a pretty big batch of defective batteries. Several customers have had theirs sent in for RMA, given a new or refurb unit and a few months later the battery is dead again..

The quick dying battery issues only appear to be a trend for the 1XXX and 2XXX units...

It still seems more likely that it is an engineering or software control issue..
Add the Via to the list and, with LIVE models, the battery power diminishes even faster........

Add Bluetooth ............:eek:
From posts I've seen, it was mostly models launched in 2010 that had problems.

Models purchased in 2011, and even models warranty swapped in 2011, appear to have behaved much better (so far).

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