TomTom BRIDGE problem.

Sep 27, 2021
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Hello. I have a problem with the TomTom BRIDGE. After switching on, the message "Interface has been stopped" is displayed and nothing else is loading. After turning off the device and holding the switch for a long time, it starts and shows "sad device" which asks for the SD card.
According to the instructions, I downloaded the package on the EU and there was a file "rescue.img" that should be put on the SD card. I do so and after inserting the card into the device, nothing happens. I don't want to restore the device. As if he couldn't see the card. Can it be fixed somehow?
Sorry for the very late reply. I missed this one somehow.

First, from what source are you obtaining updates for your Bridge? The TomTom site, or the Bridgestone/Webfleet site? What site did you use to download the package that included the rescue.img file?

The rescue.img file must be in the ROOT of the SD card. So if you obtained a *.zip file, you should unzip it to the SD card so that rescue.img, and folders like voice, map, boot are also in the same root with rescue.img.
Let's try a different url to get the update files:

Does this device use 'TTC' (TomTom Classic) or NDS maps? It matters because the map set and software to go with that set are different. Did this device have the 'truck' style map? If you do not know these two things, we will try to figure this out because you do not want to mix up which of the three 'Europe' files at the link above you will use to do the recovery.
Shame we can't get the thing to boot. There are two choices.
If it would boot properly, we could check the (?) 'About' to see the map name.
How recently was this unit purchased? I'll give my best guess based upon that answer.
The device was purchased with a truck. It's hard to say when it was purchased.
After inserting the rescue file card, nothing happens, absolutely nothing!
OK. Got that. We're going to try another build with a different rescue.img file, but it would be good to get the right one!

To help be sure of that, I'd be curious to know first if you are able to perform the following for me:
Plug your Bridge into your PC. See if there is a file in the root directory called simply, 'update-locations'.
If so, open it with your favorite text editor. Can you copy and paste that here for me?

Then, can you tell me the first two characters of the device serial number? It should be on a tiny label on the bottom of the device.
How to do it? I am connecting a device and should I be able to see the contents of the device memory?
Yes, most definitely, but you DO have to tell the device that it's OK to look at its contents. In the lower right, what we'd call a 'systray' on a Windows machine, you'll see a series of icons. It will probably show "USB for charging" at the bottom of a list when you do so. Press that and change it to "File transfers". Then you will be able to see the content of your Bridge on your PC. It will look like a thumb drive or external disk drive.
I know what's going on but unfortunately I can not change to "file transfer", the device only starts up until the movie I added. I can't do anything more, enter etc. I can only turn it off. I have no access to memory.
Please let me know the first two characters of your device's serial number as requested in post #8. From that, I can tell whether you have a 16GB or 32GB device. If 16GB, there are some special instructions noted at the site I mentioned in post #5 that you will need to perform before trying the NDS file. We will be trying to get new firmware concurrently with maps.
No, it's OJ like Orange Juice. That will have 16GB internal memory.
In that case, I will recommend instead that you use this file on the assumption that your Bridge was never updated to NDS maps:
That's obviously an entire map update, but also contains a fresh rescue.img file.
Unzip that onto a uSD card and see how it goes.
If there is an issue with firmware versions, please make careful notes of what the device says. If this isn't the right package, that information should point us to what the device actually wants.
I downloaded the package. I put the file on the card and the card into the device. nothing showed up. government error message, faulty rescue image etc. What is the best way to use a capacity card and what file system?
uSD card should be 32GB, formatted as FAT32.

If the device was complaining about needing the rescue.img before the card was inserted ( "sad device" ), something should have shown up when the device was manually rebooted with the card inserted.

I have just a solo rescue.img file here that I would like you to place on the uSD card all by itself to try. Because it is not possible to upload an *.img file here, I will place it in a *.zip wrapper. Unzip it into the root of the empty card. Let me know what the device says about it.

Yikes. Even in *.zip format, it is 400MB (it is already compressed). Too big even for a moderator to upload here. I will give you a link instead:

Let me know if that causes anything new to happen. If not, there are more options.
I downloaded the file and something moved. the device saw the card and the file. the installation has started. the process has come to an end. after launching the message "Android application update" is complete and the effect is the same. I recorded a video and uploaded it to the network. what else can I do? I was already sure that something would come of it: /

What is the exact text of the three messages I am seeing at 1:42?
What happens if you now hit the circle button in the lower right of the screen?
The text in the "Sorry, application interface has stopped" window. I can not approve anything else, press. Update wheel I can not press. I can only turn off the device.
I'm afraid that this one would need to be returned to TomTom to be 'reflashed'.

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