Tomtom XL 340 frozen at bridge picture after upgrade

Dec 30, 2009
I just got a brand new Tomtom XL 340S. I plugged it into my Windows 7 machine, downloaded and installed TomTom Home and then updated maps and all other suggested downloads. After the updates appeared to be sucessful, the device is frozen at what appears to be a picture of a bridge and a couple of TomTom logo like the TOMTOM IQ Routes Technology icon. I never unplugged the device during the updates. I did not get a backup of the device.

I can restart the device by holding the power button down but it restarts to the same screen. I can restart it attached to my computer and it gets detected in the TomTom home app but after making any changes, it gets hung again. the option to backup the device is not available with this device.

I can return the device and get something else but would reather not go through the hassle.

1. Make sure your downloaded 840 map is in compressed format here:
C:\Documents and Settings\yourname\My Documents\TomTom\HOME\Downloads\complete\maps\
Use Explorer to see.....

If so, step 2.
2. Reformat the internal drive. Don't use quickformat.

3. Connect to Home and you should be offered an application. Accept it and install. Disconnect properly from the computer (use home's device disconnect icon). Restart the unit and tap the satellite bars. If the next screen does NOT show version 9.025, then keep repeating this step till you do have just version 9.025 installed.

4. Connect to Home and Manage My Unit-->Items on computer. Should show the map. Install. If it does so properly, then you can 'add voices'.

5. Make an Explorer, not Home, backup.
Thanks for your help. Unfortunately, if I dont get this resolved today, its going back.

I dont have a maps folder- only this in that path:

how do you reinstall the hard drive?

Then the new map never got downloaded. You can use Home to try for the LMG again.

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