TomTom Rider 550 - Saving Route to SD Card

Sep 13, 2021
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TomTom Model(s)
Rider 550
I have created a route in My Drive and wish to save routes to the SD card if possible and desired. It seems the option to do this would only be via manual process as I could not find a setting or preference on device or the app/site to default to an SD card rather then the Rider 550 unit drive/storage. It seems I need to follow this process if creating in My Drive to store to the SD card:
  1. Create track in My Drive
  2. Save but do not select "Sync this route as a track with my devices"
  3. Once saved, I can then select "Share Route" and download GPX file
  4. Transfer GPX file to Rider 550 SD card via File Explorer (as it shows under Rider 550 in File Explorer) via USB connection.
I have a Garmin XT as well, and I do prefer using the TomTom Rider as My Drive makes it easy to create routes vs Base Camp or the other options I have used for the Garmin. Now I have to test if My Rider will import over correctly as a GPX file to the Garmin (perhaps best of both worlds?).

BaseCamp? I'm still using good old MapSource (for a variety of odd functional reasons o_O).

Sounds like you have most of the process well in hand.

If you like MyDrive, then go to MyRoutes, select a created route, and note that there are several options. In the lower left corner, select "Share Route". That gives you the option to download the *.gpx file. There's a sorta standard looking download arrow out there to the right of the "GPX" under "DOWNLOAD ROUTE". Save the resulting *.gpx wherever you like, including to an SD card if you have a reader in your computer.

And yes, these are the rather large 'track' <trkpt> style *.gpx files. MyDrive won't create 'route' <rtept> or 'waypoint' <wpt> type files. That said, your Rider and Garmin should manage them OK.

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