Tomtom 6000 trucker issue

Oct 16, 2021
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TomTom Model(s)
6000 trucker
Hello everyone,
I own this Tomtom 6000 trucker from 2017, with lifetime update, but from 2020 I cannot make any update on MyDrive Connect because of poor connection (i have buy also 2 tomtom usb cables and is still the same) if I put it on the mount, I get only power from PC, but no transfer can be done.

From last update that I was doing (you have to use the tomtom cable straight connection between laptop and unit, not with the mount!) and i have a slight play and is not a perfect connection to make the update, there are some Gb to download... and even if I don't move the cable, after few minutes is disconnecting.

I have an SDcard, I put it on device, I format the sdcard.. but I cannot get maps from MyDrive Connect because of the issue above and I have now 7 updates available waiting ..

Is there any chance to put the updates on sdcard ?

any advices are appreciated !!
I think the SD card can only be populated whilst inside the device as updates are linked to it. (I may be corrected).
I have a similar problem with my cell phone and use an elastic band to make sure the plug of the cable remains in full contact with the socket of the device.

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