TomTom GO 6000 Europe have they sorted the problems out with this model and others

Dec 26, 2016
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tomtom 6000
hi all i was looking to buy one of the newer models sat navs in the sales but all i read is nothing but issues compared to older models some of the bad reviews was when the first launched these models ,in 2013 and onwards

theirs a lot of issues with updates theirs 114 bad reviews on this model on amazon and others are not good either which is really putting me off buying any of the newer ranges as there seams to be all bad reviews.
It's not surprising. I recently purchased a Trucker 6000, and it is useless. It 'jumps' off the mount if you hit a bump, it takes you up single track roads even with large motorhome sizes entered, and the battery is flat after 6 days switched off. I am rejecting mine as unfit for purpose and demanding a refund.
Can't say anything about your 6000's routing for heavy vehicles, but I've beat the crap out of mine in off-road conditions, and never had it leave its mount. It's actually a 600, but same thing without the cellular connection. Am wondering if there's an issue with your mount.
As for the battery going flat -- do you just let it 'sleep' for the whole 6 days (it remains very much partially awake in that mode), or do you actually shut it down (much different modus there). If allowed only to 'sleep' for 6 days, be aware that to keep the device resuming from that suspended state quickly, it maintains some contact with the outside world. If you shut it off, it does not do so.

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