Tom Tom Go Classic

Jan 22, 2011
Can anyone advise me regarding loading full postcodes on my Tom Tom Go classic, (first model). I can't search a location by a full postcode, only partial. I have been onto tom tom web site who give instructions for downloading the full postcode infromation direct to the tom tom. I have tried this but the memory card wont take it, it's saying that I am nearly 10mb short and won't let me download it. What should I do, if a buy a larger memory card, this would be empty of everything, so how would I get the tom tom programme onto it including the full postcode search. Is this possible to do this or do I have to buy a new Tom Tom card with it all preloaded. Can someone please help? England UK.:confused:


Mar 23, 2009
Blackpool UK
TomTom Model(s)
720, 930, 940, XL, One 3rd
Have a look in the "voices" folder on the memory card that is in your TomTom, it should be possible to delete quite a few foreign voices to free up some space, so you don't delete the UK voices leave the following files alone:

data04.chk = Tim
data04.vif = Tim
data05.chk = Jane
data05.vif = Jane

All the other files can go unless you need a specific foreign voice leaving on the unit?

With the space freed up by doing the above file removals the postcode download file can be unzipped to the memory card and you will have full postcode support.

For later on, if you want to you can get a larger memory card, simply copy everything from the memory card to the computer then copy the files/ folders from your computer to the new memory card, get a good high speed card but no larger than 2GB in capacity for a Classic.

If you only have the UK&ROI map then 512MB will be more than adequate - Mike

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