tom tom 110 eu dash mount

Aug 31, 2011
having just bought a TOM Tom 110 eu and it has the twist suction which seems to work on my kitchen worktop but not on my car's dash! Is there a solution or item i can buy which will hold it..otherwise it's a no start for me:confused:
Make sure the windscreen is clean and the suction cup as well. A bit of spit may help. Ensure the mount is locked in place. Use a bit of pressure as you are twisting the dial.
If I understand the original post correctly, he's trying to dash mount it vs. glass mount it. A dash with any texture at all isn't going to cut it, so he may need one of the 3rd party mounting solutions. Was hoping Mike, our resident UK mount wizard, would pop up with a suggestion or two that would be available over there.
Are you sure about the model number as I can't find the TomTom 110 could it be a 120 instead?? - Mike
Are you sure about the model number as I can't find the TomTom 110 could it be a 120 instead?? - Mike
There's both a Via 110 and a 120. The 120 has the full 45 Euro map set and Bluetooth. Apart from that, any advice you can offer up on the 120 will apply to his 110.

In fact, I think that's an issue on mvl's chart. He mentions a "regional" version of the 120. I think that's actually the 2GB 110 (smaller map set).
I looked at the UK version of the TT web site and couldn't find a 110 listed, still its not the first time model numbers have been confusing......

Have a read through This Thread for a few ideas, its not 100% the same device as you have but it should be very close - Mike
It's not really being sold in the UK (although you'll find some gray market units there, of course). It's sold on the continent in those countries where the Via models are available. Example: Navegadores para su veh?*culo - Productos - TomTom

And it appears I was wrong about the 2GB vs 4GB. The VIA 110 Europa is a full 4GB unit without Bluetooth.

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