Starting safety camera database

Jun 8, 2009
Have had a TT ONE for 2 weeks and getting used to what I can do with it.
I do have a query about the Safety Camera database for which I subscribed seperately with TT. Followed the download instructions but I guess it hasn't been done properly.
Can anyone tell me what to expect? I thought that camera positions would at least show on my maps? I'd be grateful for advice.
Where are you located? the TT Safety Camera database isn't something I would use, I have tried it and its not too accurate at all, instead I use the PGPSW database which provides excellent accuracy in the UK and extends to plenty of other countries across the world - Mike
I'm in Fife, and near enough Edinburgh to want to drive into the city sometimes. Wish I'd asked advice brfore buying this database. As an out and out newbie what is PGPSW? and how do I get it? I likely to have it installed already? Thanks, I'm really pleased you replied.
PGPSW stands for which is a UK based GPS web site covering far more than just TomTom devices, you can find the forum index Here - The camera database is subscription based but also offered is a free membership for life for members who submitt camera locations that are not currently in the database. There are lots of guides to installing/ configuring the warnings as we also have true spoken alert voice packs that can be installed so instead of a simple bong from the nav unit you get this "Warning GATSO ahead, speed limit is 50 miles per hour" (different warnings per each camera category) and this works on all TomTom devices - Mike is an excellent gps Board located in Britain. Mikealder is a forum moderator there. The Board's speed camera subscription does cost some money per year but from all I read and see on that forum, the site's speed camera files are absolutely superior to anything offered by TomTom.

The link to their board is here.

Also, Mike is an expert on many, many topics. Speed Cameras is just one.

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