Prevent GO 260 from Starting

Oct 5, 2019
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Go 620
I've searched Google and the manual without success, with this problem .

When plugged into vehicle power, My GO 620 starts every time I start the engine . Do I need to disconnect the power, in order for it to remain silent or is there some other way.

My old Go 930 was well mannered enough to remain off, when plugged in, until I manually pressed the button .

Thanks, Lee


Welcome to TomTomForums,

Agree, and to make it worse, there is a setting to stop it from shutting down when the power is disconnected.
Settings > System > Battery settings.

Mounting and removing from the magnetic mount is an easy, one handed affair and that's what I do.


Thanks Arno,
That was my conclusion, also . Not having a protective case in which to store the unit, when not in use, I've have been removing the power at the lighter . However, a case will arrive today and leaving the unit in plain site on the windshield is probably not a good idea in the long term. So, thanks again!

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