Start 62 keeps rebooting at logo screen

Jan 2, 2023
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Start 60
Apologies in advance if I'm in the wrong section as cant find the serial number

My sat nav has been behaving stranglely the last few week, every time I try to switch it on it keeps getting stuck on the TomTom logo screeen and reboots, sometime it starts loading up but with the progress bar at the bottom half way through but then restarts again in a never ending loop.

I tried holding down the power button to see if that helps but so far nothing.

I really need to get this fixed as I need it for work purposes and dont really want to buy a new one...any help would be appreciated...

Ok, I'll give that a go, but had it plugged in to the car charger for like 2 hours with no difference. I'll try that tonight and let you know tmrw
Ok, I'll give that a go, but had it plugged in to the car charger for like 2 hours with no difference. I'll try that tonight and let you know tmrw
Willy is trying to eliminate a potentially defective car charger/cable from the list of suspects.
I think I've found the cause of the issue, I was using a different cable from another car device and it seems that the cable has a low data transfer rate/low charge rate, switched back to the original cable and seem to be booting up fine now. Thank you for the help as I thought it was a software issue.
Hi, so just an update on this, the sat nav was working fine yesterday and I checked the battery and it looked fully charged with the orginal cable, however when I went to use it this morning the same issue occurred, that is: loads up the TomTom splash screen and then kept rebooting, it did this for a while then it goes into the 'connected to PC' mode after a while, so Im not sure whats going on here.

See pic attached.

Could this just be a battery health issue or is it software related?

Any help would be appreciated as I rely on this for work and need it to be consistently working



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Hi Willy,

Yeah it did seem to start occuring after the last software update I did. I followed the instructions on the link you sent me and it seemed to do the restore without any issues. Looks to be working fine just now fingers crossed, as I'm even able to 'turn off' now, it wouldnt let me do that before so hopefully its resolved.

Real test will be when I try it tmrw morning.. I'll keep you updated but by the looks I think it might be fixed.

Again thank your for your help, you're a stress saver! :)
I tried the sat nav after leaving it untouched over the weekend it went back to doing the same thing (keeps restarting at tomtom screen then goes to connected to pc screen), I tried another restore again now and tried but its still the same. Only difference is now I'm able to use the 'Turn off' on the screen whereas before it wouldnt even switch off.

Is there any other software fix I could try to reinstall the software completely?
Just to let you know I fixed this myself as I isolated the fault down to the battery and just replaced the internal battery following instructions on a YouTube video and everything works fine now.

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