Start 50/5 - Wheres the Western Europe Maps?

Jan 13, 2016
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Start 50
Hope you guys can help out here?
I've just bought a new Start 50 on the understanding that there would be Western European maps on there (as advertised), but when I go to download the maps, it's asking me for another £50..! Whats that all about? All the reviews state that there's Life Time UK & European maps, but I'm driving to Europe on Friday and now this..?

Some please tell me there's a simple and quick solution?


Go to the circled question mark icon of the menu options (2nd from the end of the menu items out on the right), and select "About". Scroll down a bit. What do you see for "Installed maps"?

Not sure where you bought this unit, nor whether it should/shouldn't have W-Europe maps or not. They come configured in different ways for different costs.

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