Route planning with multiple stops

Aug 15, 2013
We are a company which do a lot of maintanance work at our clients, and in many different districts. We wish to implement permanent routs to the GPS. The driver can turn on the GPS, choose between different pre defined routes, and let the GPS do the rest of the job. We have many drivers, with their own GPS, and the client list is updated often. Therefore these routs has to be updated externally. E.g. TomTom has the SD card, where the routs can be installed...posible? Any other options? Smart phone solutions?
Only previous TomTom models actually supported itinerary planning, and work-around methods for newer models won't allow for installing directly to an SD or uSD card.

Ideally, you're looking for what we call the older 'Nav2' models. IF you can still locate the XL540, that unit will easily accomplish what you ask, and it's a solid performer. We still see them new for sale now and again.
Nope. They haven't supported itinerary planning of that sort on their Android or Apple units, either.

You can still pick up the 540S for about $90, or the 540TM (lifetime map updates and RDS traffic receiver included) for $140 on Amazon.,k:tomtom 540

This will accept MANY itinerary files of as many as 48 points each. However, it's not possible to update them on SD or uSD cards. The last unit that would do that as well was the GO 740 unit. Also a heck of a unit (one of my favorites for a number of reasons) and available for $140. It's possible to enable "Live" traffic on these as well (1 year free subscription with unit) which is quite good at predicting traffic issues (better than the RDS method). I'm surprised that they're still available 740
I was told to try TOMTOM HOME combined with TOMTOM ROUT PLANNER. This is supposed to work. The routs can be sent to the devices.
TomTom Home only works with the older models, and the route planner won't build a true itinerary. It's really designed for the sort of one shot A to B routing as you'd also see at Google or Bing.

If you can turn up some of the older 740 units, these do use Home, and there are some good tools for developing itineraries for them.
In spite of the news on their web page, TYRE seems to work properly only with HOME devices.
See this post.

The GO 740 seems to be your best bet from TomTom.
Yup, Tyre creates an itinerary file just like any number of other solutions, but we have to emphasise again that only OLD TomTom models (such as those suggested above) can use the files.
TomTom in their MADNESS, have removed the feature on all of their more recent models.
Contact business solutions at the phone number on

They have sophisticated fleet management tools, that allow you to prioritize and dispatch routes and destinations to Tomtom's in your fleet from a centrally managed website. I haven't seen it myself but I'm sure a sales rep would be happy to walk you through the capabilities.
Anyone got any idea how much a Business contract with TomTom can cost?
I’ve been using an app called Badger Maps for the past few weeks and have been really liking it. It lets me make my routes on my computer or iphone, optimizes the route to be in the most efficient order, and then I just export my routes to the SD card to put into my TomTom for the directions. It’s saved me loads of time and wasn’t too hard for a geezer like me to learn Ha Ha
Looks like Badger Maps runs $9/month or $99/yr for individuals. It would be interesting to see what flavor of route file it is generating for your SD card use.

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