Rider 400 windscreen mount

Apr 27, 2019
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TomTom Model(s)
Rider 400
I use my Rider 400 on my bike and car and I have noticed that when I use the Rider in my car and it is mounted on the windscreen of my car, the ball joint seems to have loosened and I find that the GPS starts to swivel down due to bumps in the road, because of this I have to constantly keep re positioning the unit.
Is there a way of tightening up the ball to prevent this?
So you have the standard TomTom windscreen mount for the 400? I haven't tried this on that exact mount yet, but for the majority of that style, the ball/arm can be removed from the mount with a bit of a swivel and a very hard tug. At that point, you can add a thin layer of clear RTV (silicone seal) around the hole in the mount side (not on the ball) and let it dry overnight, then reinsert the ball (a bit of a push to snap it in). When you install the ball, set it to the position you need for your windscreen and avoid twisting it around any more than necessary to avoid peeling off the RTV. It's sticky enough to grab the ball and fills the gap a bit for a tighter fit. Worth a try, and if you don't get the exact result you want, the RTV can be scraped off easily enough for another go.

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