Rider 400 No Longer Records Routes

May 5, 2019
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Since the April update, my Rider 400 will not record the routes I ride.
I activate the "Start Recording" icon and the small recording symbol appears on the screen. But when I activate the "Stop Recording" icon, a popup appears stating "canceling recording" and the route is not saved.
Previously when the stop recording icon was activated I would see a pop-up that stated something to the effect of "saving way points".
Is there a way to return to the older software version, or is there an update in the works?
What was described as the nature of the April update?
"First we've heard of this one. I'm curious -- is the clock setting on your device remaining correct? I ask, because the update was to assure correct date/time, and one of the key elements in creating a *.gpx style track file is adding a timestamp to each point in the track. If the firmware is having issues with the time stamp, that could explain the problem - though that's a bit of a reach."

So I plotted a "dummy" route to a local location.
The clock registers 12 am on 01/01.

I have attempted to reset the time, I did not notice the date issue until now.
I will see if I can set the correct date.

Thanks for your help.
I am at a loss. Given that the 400 is a Nav4 device, there should have been no need for a rollover update for it. I didn't think that ANY Nav4 device would require it. VERY strange.

And that was where I was headed when I changed my original post -- no problem that you quoted it since it tuns out to have been on point. Since building a track includes timestamping every track point along the way, that function could be clobbered if there was indeed a rollover issue.

The date/time should be acquired successfully once you get a satellite fix on your current poistion. If not, let us know. There is no manual method for date setting.

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