Rider 2 on Motorcycle Problems

Nov 4, 2009
Hi All ! Newbie here, I wired my rider 2 into my bike by just hooking it to the battery. I was hoping it would be convenient to use that way by just turning it off and onn when I wanted to use it. It seemed OK for a while, but now it gives me the message that it is turning itself off in xx seconds while I am riding it. Sometimes it turns itself off and sometimes it just keeps working despite the displayed warning of shutdown. It doesn't seem to do it at idle. Kind of a perplexing problem .

Sometimes I charge it to use in the car since I don't have a car cradle and just go off the unit's internal battery. Should I not charge it off the bike ? Could this be causing this ? It seems there is a conflict in the unit.

It is getting juice form the battery alright, but continues to try to shut down while I am rding. Should I rewire it into the harness directly? Just confused at this point. Thanks for any ideas.

Was able to get out for a ride today and noticed that the GPS just keeps shutting itself off and then turning on again. As strange as it might sound, it just seems to come on by itself sometimes even after the ignition is off and I am putting the bike away ???????
Are you sure it's not connection problems between the mount and the Rider?

Certainly the original Rider had BIG problems with the pins "drilling" holes in the contacts. I'm afraid I can't remember if remained an issue on the Rider 2.
Brilliant - you know - I think you're correct - it is the connection. Not holes drilled by the pins, but weakness in the spring and mechanism that holds the back part of the mount forward onto the contacts. The spring is gone, and I have had to use a piece of foam to hold that portion forward to get the contact. I believe that is the problem. Many thanks for the good thinking - now I can go to work on a solution. Too bad all the accessory parts are so expensive !!
I'm afraid I can't remember if remained an issue on the Rider 2.

There was a problem with the mounts for the 2 as well. I have had 3 so far. Knock on wood this last one has lasted for 3 years now.
I think the problem may be really broken/worn plastic "hinge" at the bottom of the plastic back of the mount. I can get a new cheapo GPS (Garmin Nuvi 255W) ram mount and sunshade for less than a new mount for the Rider. If that GPS screws up, it can be replaced for $85. Won't be as good - but the mounts are miserable for this one. Both the car and now the MC mounts have gone bad . Junky stuff.
Worked on it, got it working OK for the moment. Time will tell, but it was the connection definitely. It is jury rigged a little, but may be OK for now, Many thanks for the help.

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