TT Rider install on motorcycle - switched or unswitched power supply?

Aug 27, 2008
I'm mounting a first edition Rider using the TT OEM motorcycle Rider cradle and TT OEM power supply wiring. I'd prefer to have it unswitched. Does anyone know if the cradle draws any current when the Rider is removed?

I'd prefer to have it unswtiched but if the cradle draws current when the rider is removed then a switched power supply is the way to go so as not to kill the battery on my motorcycle.
I went with the switched connection only for my feeling good about it. I don't leave the unit (an of it) on the bike when I walk away so I don't think it would have mattered.

Only because I think it's a great product, I'd suggest the add-a-fuse like this. That way it could be easily changed from fused to non-fused if you like. I installed one when I put the wiring onto my bike.
Like you, I may go switched just for peace of mind.

I already have a four circuit aux fuse block on my bike with a slot dedicated to my prior GPS. I had that one unswitched because my prior GPS was a handheld that used AA batteries and I didn't want the GPS burning the AAs when the bike was off. Since the Rider has a rechargeable battery, it's not as much of an issue.
I have mine unswitched and have never had any problems, when out riding with it it's on all the time and I don't have to restart, if I'm parking the bike then I just shut it off and put it in my saddlebag and leave adaptor plugged into the bike, have not had any problem with it running the battery down.

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